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Best ways to Boost Weight Loss At Your Workplace

Losing weight is an uphill battle especially when you have a desk job. A recent survey said that individuals who are on-the-job standing or those who are field workers tend to lose weight fast and also have low cholesterol levels compared to those who are in a sitting job.

We know we cannot change our jobs, but we sure can indulge into a healthy lifestyle in order to lose those extra kilos from the body. Here are these seven helpful weight-loss tips that you can follow at your workplace:

1 . Keep yourself hydrated all the time

-Do you know that water helps in losing weight? Drinking enough water throws away all the toxins from your body and also helps in losing fat. It is advisable to drink 4L to 5L of water in a day

-Put an alarm on your phone that will remind you to have a glass full of water after every 1 hour or so.

2 . Opt for walk-and-talk meetings

-Instead of sitting on a seat and having a conversation, walk with your colleague. With this, you’ll be able to digest your recent meals and will loose some calories too.

3 . Eat a healthy breakfast

-Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, as that is when you can have a good amount of calories to stay active throughout the day. Even if you are getting late for office, never skip your breakfast.

4 . Cut back on unhealthy munching

Sitting and working, working, and working eventually makes you munch those fried chips, chocolates, biscuits, etc. Avoid making it a habit. If you feel like eating something, try to eat fruits, vegetables, or sugar-free biscuits, or even making a habit of having green tea is good.

5 . Find fitness buddies and a gym near your office

Want to hit the gym, but lack motivation? Find a fitness buddy and a gym near your workplace. I am sure you won’t regret doing this.

6 . Pay attention to your posture

Try to sit in a straight posture as much as you can. Tucking in your stomach and sitting with a straight back also helps in keeping your body tight and avoids making it look heavy.

7 . Squeeze in a few mini workouts

Walk for 10 odd minutes after you have your lunch, or get off your seat after every 1 to 2 hours and climb up the stairs or walk a mile. This will significantly help you in staying active throughout the day both mentally and physically, and will also avoid that eye stress you get after looking at your screen for hours.

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